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Department of Environmental Sciences

NameTitleResearch Areas
Amrhein, Chris Professor Emeritus Soil and water chemistry of inorganic contaminants; redox processes
Anderson, Michael Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry Nutrient cycling in lakes and reservoirs; surface water quality modeling; chemistry of solid-water interfaces
Baerenklau, Kenneth Associate Professor of Environmental Economics and Policy Environmental and natural resource economics and policy
Chang, Andrew Professor Emeritus Land application of organic wastes; wastewater reuse; hydraulic and pollutant retention properties of soils
Crohn, David Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences Constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment; biosolids management; composting
Crowley, David Professor of Soil Microbiology Bioremediation of PCBs and other organic pollutants, rhizosphere microbiology, and microbial ecology
Dinar, Ariel

Professor of Environmental Economics and Policy


Water policy, water and the environment, economic incentives, transboundary water management, water institutions, water and strategic behavior; climate change and water resource management
Gan, Jay Professor of Environmental Chemistry Fate, transport, and mitigation of pesticides in the environment; water pollution and prevention
Knapp, Keith Professor of Environmental Economics Environmental, agricultural, and natural resource economics
Page, Albert Professor Emeritus

Soil chemistry, Ion-exchange equilibria, Biogeochemistry of trace elements

Parker, David Professor of Soil Science Soil chemistry and plant nutrition; chemistry and bioavailability of trace elements
Schlenk, Daniel Professor of Aquatic Ecotoxicology Fate and effects of pesticides, pharmaceutical and emerging contaminants on fish and wildlife
Schwabe, Kurt Associate Professor of Environmental Economics; Associate Director, Water Science & Policy Center Alternative strategies for pollution control; environmental and natural resource valuation
Sickman, James Assistant Professor of Hydrology Biogeochemistry of rivers, lakes and watershed. Limnology of high elevation and high latitude lakes.
Simunek, Jiri Professor of Soil Physics Numerical modeling of vadose zone processes; vadose zone hydrology; soil physics
Wu, Laosheng Professor of Soil Physics Irrigation water management; soil physics
Yates, Marylynn Professor of Environmental Microbiology Water and wastewater microbiology; pathogens in groundwater and surfacewater

Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

NameTitleResearch Areas
Chen, Wilfred Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Environmental biotechnology, microbial engineering
Cwiertny, David Assistant Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Water treatment; fate and transport of pollutants in natural and engineered aquatic systems
Matsumoto, Mark Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Environmental biotechnology, bioremediation, modeling
Mulchandani, Ashok Professor of Chemical Engineering Bioengineering biomaterials, biosensors, environmental biotechnology
Walker, Sharon Assistant Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Bacterial adhesion and transport in natural and engineered systems, water quality engineering

Department of Biology

NameTitleResearch Areas
Anderson, Kurt Assistant Professor of Biology Population and community dynamics, modeling for ecology and conservation, instream flow needs

Department of Earth Sciences

NameTitleResearch Areas
Lee, Tien-Chang Professor of Earth Sciences Geophysics, hydrogeology
McKibben, Michael Associate Professor of Earth Sciences Economic geology and geochemistry

Department of Economics

NameTitleResearch Areas
Deolalikar, Anil Professor of Economics Cost-effectiveness of different water quality interventions for improved food safety and public health
Gaffney, Mason Professor of Economics Water economics and law, Federal Water Policy, Water marketing, Water resources and public revenues, Water development and land development, Water Conservation, Water institutions
Gonzalez-Rivera, Gloria Professor of Economics Econometrics, Time Series Analysis (Theoretical and Applied) , Volatility Modeling, Financial Econometrics , Risk Management. Stress Testing, Development Econometrics
Helfand, Steven Associate Professor of Economics Development Economics, Agricultural Economics, Brazil, Latin America
Umanskaya, Victoria Assistant Professor of Economics Environmental and natural resource economics applied game theory

Department of Botany and Plant Sciences

NameTitleResearch Areas
Allen, Edith Professor of Plant Ecology and Natural Resources Extension Specialist Invasive species ecology and restoration ecology; annual variability in plant production driven by precipitation and N deposition
Holt, Jodie Professor of Plant Physiology Invasive riparian weeds
Jenerette, Darrel Assistant Professor of Functional Landscape Ecology Urban water use, irrigation, ecohydrology, altered precipitation regimes, modeling of societal-biophysical interactions
Santiago, Louis Assistant Professor of Plant Physiological Ecology Plant water transport, transpiration, root water uptake, precipitation gradients, stable isotopes

Department of Plant Pathology

NameTitleResearch Areas
Allen, Michael Professor of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, and Biology Water-soil-plant interactions Global change issues for the southwest

Anderson Graduate School of Management

NameTitleResearch Areas
Rapoport, Amnon Distinguished Professor of Management  Individual decision making and interactive decision making, as well as bargaining and negotiation, conflict and cooperation, social dilemmas, and behavioral game theory.

University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources

NameTitleResearch Areas
Arpaia, Mary Lu CE Subtropical Horticulturist Evaluation of preharvest and postharvest factor on subtropical crop productivity and fruit quality, including rootstock, cultivar, irrigation, pesticide and nutrition managment strategies.

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